Air table & Wordpress integration for dynamic URL

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

hello guys

I  have outdoor laser tag business , I’m running airtable about 5 months 

after every client booking birthday . I need login to other service enter the details: name kids , ages , address , city , and created birthday invitation. 

it’s looks like this :

I’m thinking why I do it in this way . 

if I have the all details on airtable already . Why no use them to create dynamic link from my website . 
I need same design for the birthday invitation. It’s video background . 

Each client need birthday invitation so in click from airtable it’s create unique link . And update airtable with . 


The next step is to use make 

and send to client massage with the url to share his family & friends . 

Thanks , David 

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