AirTable API - nesting a table within a table in API response

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm really wrestling with finding a solution here and I am sure I am not the only one who has the issue.  
I have 2 tables in Airtable:
1) Skills Table - fields include SkillId, Name, Description, Link to Skill Definition table via DefinitionId
2) Skill Definition Table - fields include DefinitionId, Definition, Level (Level is either Beginner, Intermediate or Expert)

When I call the API and GET a skill from the Skill Table I would like the Skill Definition to nest as an object in the response.  I noticed this behavior is possible with the Collaborator type, shown below for the Assigned field


At the moment when I link the Skills Definition table to the Skills table and add lookup columns from the Skills Definition table, then call the API from Postman, the fields are shown in a flat structure as an array


Is there any way I can nest this object linked by the Definition Id like the Collaborator type?

Thanks in advance.  




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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Just providing some more info here.  
I saw another post which suggested using BaseSql which worked the way I wanted.  Here's the output I'm after from the airtable api. Is there any way to do this natively in airtable or do I have to use a 3rd party tool?