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Air table & Wordpress integration for dynamic URL

hello guysI  have outdoor laser tag business , I’m running airtable about 5 months after every client booking birthday . I need login to other service enter the details: name kids , ages , address , city , and created birthday invitation. it’s looks ...

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Embedding Airtable Form via Iframe and Security

HiI'm looking to embed the an airtable form into my site but I noticed that unless we set the COEP header to be unsafe-none rather than credentialless.  Are we not able to set the iframe as credentialless for added security?Thanks!

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Problem when using scripting to add records

There are 131 fields in my table. After retrieving 2000 records and making them synchronize their fields, i only receive success for 300 records when using scripting to import them to my Airtable table. Why is this? 

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Consult for image url in create record API

Hi, I'm using Create Record API, my requirement is sending a image to a field in table. But the API requires to send an image URL instead. Would anyone know if there is a hosting service that can return the image URL while ensure the image uploaded i...

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Resolved! How can i console.log a filtered record?

 const table1 = base.getTable("Table 1") const view = table1.getView("Grid view"); const record_view = await table1.selectRecordsAsync({fields: ["Name"]}) const record_filtered = record_view.records.filter(record => === "Test 1") I'm j...

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Airtable API not returning more than 100 records

Trying to debug code written by someone else. It seems that the following code doesnt return more than 100 records even though fetchnextpage is set.This seems to have stopped working recently and I'm not sure what has changed. return new Promise((res...

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