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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I have two tables "Event" and "Speaker". An Event can have multiple speakers, and a Speaker can belong to many Events. This is configured by a linked record column on both tables.

I am currently querying 20 Events at a time, and though the response give's me the Speaker's linked primary record_id (~15 of them), it does not give me the full Speaker object.

After some digging I see I can use the `filterByFormula` as part of the Speaker query, but the method I came across seems very cumbersome (chaining together multiple `SEARCH()` queries using `AND()` Link )

Is there a way which I can pass an array of Speaker record_id's that return the full records of the requested Speakers? Similar to a SQL `IN` statement:




Better yet, is there a way to return a response that includes both the Event and it's associated Speakers? This would be ideal as Rate Limiting would be less of a concern.


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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

filterByFormula would be the way to retrieve several by record ID -- or use the get record endpoint one by one (which would be less efficient, but I mention it for completeness).

Have you tried adding lookup fields to your events table (lookup fields from the speakers table). If you do that, your event records will include an array of values from the events table. While not perfect, this may get you closer to what you were trying to achieve.