Airtable & WOCode and NO data displaying on my pages

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

New to Airtable, somewhat experience in WOCODE, a content management system, I have successfully created dynamic pages in WOCODE using google sheets, but I’m leery of the long-term reliability as the data grows

The feature set of Airtable leaves me thinking without a doubt, it’s the better choice.


When integrating Airtable with WOCODE, there are 2 initial requirements to put in place.

WOCODE has two setup placeholders, where you enter:

API key &
Authentication URL

Once I complete this, the AIRTABLE db structure populates into WOCODE, just like it had with Google Sheets

I follow the same steps to retrieve fields as I did with Google Sheets. All looks well, but then NOTHING. No data appears, and it literally suppresses my field, to the place where it vanishes off the page.

Again, this exact same step renders data from a Google Sheet. The only variable here is I’m using Airtable.

Any ideas on why my results are blank and nonexistent?



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