Storing links to other records with record specific data

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4 - Data Explorer

I am building a recipe / food related app for a client. I need a recipe record to point to the ingredient records it depends on, but it also needs to have a mapping of measurements to ingredients.

I think I capture the essence of what I am trying to accomplish adequately in this JSON:


  id: 'bowl-of-cereal',
  name: 'Bowl of Cereal',
  ingredients: [
    // links to records in the Ingredients table.
  measurements: {
      quantity: 6,
      measurement: 'cups',
      ingredient: 'cereal',
      note: '(not stale)'
      quantity: 16,
      measurement: 'ounces',
      ingredient: 'milk',
      note: '(whole or skim)'
  directions: [ /* ... */ ]
  // etc...

I believe what I need to do is create a table for measurements with this^ measurement structure enforced. Is this correct or is there an alternative?

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