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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi everyone!

Lots of exciting announcements today on the Airtable Platform! For more information specifically about how this launch impacts developers - including updates to the Blocks SDK and how to submit an app to the marketplace - check out our post here.

Airtable Marketplace

We’ll be hosting a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in this thread on Thursday 9/17 at 10am PT, where a number of folks from our platform engineering team will be online to answer any developer-focused questions you might have related to building Apps and submitting to the Marketplace.

Feel free to begin posting questions here in advance! We’ll do our best to get to everything we can on Thursday.

See you there!

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Thank you for publishing the read format for lookup fields! While this is such a small thing in the scope of all the news, it is really nice to have and easy to see the implications.

The other changes are so wide sweeping that they need time to digest.

Also, the name “marketplace” implies that there would be apps for sale. However, the marketplace currently does not sell apps; it makes them widely available. Any financial transaction need to take place off platform. Care to comment on the the “marketplace” name and the ability to sell?

We’d like to second that. While Airtable might not get involved with the billing infrastructure, it would be helpful to allow us, authors, to make it clear for potential buyers what plans the app offers, and what each plan might cost.

Free - x features
n/month - x+y features

Where is this located?


It’s a bit in the weeds of the sdk changelog.

ICYMI - we’ve also linked to the breaking changes in a post here: Custom Blocks update: Apps, SDK v1.0.0, and more

Does Airtable have plans for a developers partner program?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

How can I register as an Airtable app developer? What’s the process to publish an app in the Marketplace?

I don’t think there currently is a method of registering as an Airtable app developer. (Hence my question about a developers partner program.)

Anyone with an Airtable account can just start developing. The instructions for publishing an app in the marketplace is here.