Announcement: official launch and the winners of our scripting challenges!

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Community Manager

Hi community!

We’re so tremendously thrilled to announce that our scripting block has officially launched! With scripting block, you can edit, write, and run short scripts that allow you to enhance and extend your workflows—all within Airtable.

In practice, that means you can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and uncover deeper insights with advanced queries and custom reporting. You can call on external APIs to enrich your records. You can generate new records with the click of a button! There’s tons of use cases, so we’ve put together a showcase of examples written by both our team and the community to help spark inspiration.

But in this post, we really want to celebrate the incredible members of our community who put the scripting block through its paces during the beta period. Without feedback and support from @Bill.French, @Openside, @JonathanBowen, @Ronen_Babayoff, @Jeremy_Oglesby, @Russell_Bishop1, @Julian_Kirkness, @Matthew_Thomas, @Martin_Kopischke, @BobBannanas, @Bruce_Halliburton, @Justin_Barrett, @Olpy_Acaflo, @Ariel_Gross, @Nicole_Lopez, and @Allen_Hammock_hnm.cs, we wouldn’t be launching what we are today.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce the winners of the two contests we held during our beta period!

First off: we were completely blown away by the quality of every single submission—you all seriously outdid yourselves in only a few days. To quote a member of the Airtable team, “all of these are… extremely useful.”

So we mean it sincerely when we say all of you are winners in our book, and not only were all the amazing scripts showcased in our launch, but we’ll be sending everyone who participated swag and a $100 Amazon gift card as well.

That said, we promised grand prize winners (for whom we’ve upped the prizes to $250 gift cards!), and here they are:

Challenge #1: Remixing an Example Script
Winner: @Openside’s Set Default Values

Not only does this useful script allow you to set default values for new or existing records, but the team at @Openside created beautiful documentation to allow anyone to use this script in any base!

Challenge #2: Improving a Template
Winner: @Jeremy_Oglesby’s Detect Scheduling Conflicts

We love that script takes a common and complex use case around event scheduling and finds ways to make the experience faster and more accurate.

Everyone who participated in the contests: more details on your winnings coming to your inbox soon! And everyone else: look out for the next contest coming very soon :winking_face:

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Congrats to @Jeremy_Oglesby and @openside! Way to go (I mean) way to code! Seriously, both of your designs and code are top-shelf.

Woohoo! Thank you @Airtable.

And thank you, @Bill.French - very kind of you.