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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello all –

Is there yet a way to access (i.e. read/write/update) a record’s fly-out comments via the API? We have another app in which there are comments that we want to merge with the appropriate record’s comments in AT.

If not, is it anywhere on the roadmap? It totally affects how we plan this integration.


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Hey Cameron - we’re working on allowing Comments access via API and should be able to provide access publicly within the next few weeks. More to share very soon.


Thanks Daniel — that’s very exciting! Can’t wait!

Hi all,

Sharing that the Comments API is now LIVE in addition to a ton of other API improvements. Check out the Comments API docs, as well as a broader overview of new API features for authentication, new endpoints, and enterprise controls here: New Beta: New API authentication methods, endpoints, and public API docs

Note that you must use the new personal access tokens authentication to access the Comments API and the other new endpoints. Please share any feedback and excited for you all to try the Comments API!


Product Manager on behalf of the API team

Thanks Daniel! That’s amazing!

Are there any plans to add access to comments from scripting? 

would like to know as well

I'd like to access from scripting too

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Me too. I need my automation ('trigger on record update') to differentiate between "records updated by a user directly in Airtable" from "records updated by a user via API". Since the API keys are tied to the user, it currently does not differentiate which method the user used to update the record.

I could create a user "API Calls" and tie the keys to that user, but it means paying for that extra user...