API Enpoint to list all bases for an api key?

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Is there an endpoint to list all the bases for an api key, zapier is able to do it in their app, but i couldn’t find anything related to this in the standard api documentation ?

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4 - Data Explorer

no one has answered yet?!

No. Unfortunately, the API requires you to know the table(s) you wish to access.

My cross base/cross workspace search engine desparately needs this ability, and to overcome this lack of schema transparency, my system requires admins to first configure a table of tables.

A table of tables? How do you achieve that?
Also, how can be a table of tables be above bases?

Just create a table of all bases and tables that you want an API process to know about. When you open and access this table in the API, you can read it and then know about all the other tables that your API process should access to do its job.


It can’t - that’s the whole point. Airtable has not exposed this capability, so, you need to come up with a good way to overcome this shortfall. A table of bases and each its own tables achieves this. Lots of additional configuration effort and some maintenance responsibility, but it works.

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Just wanted to +1 the need for this API endpoint. Like @Bill.French I’m building a tool for other Airtable users, and currently I need to explain to each user how they should go and get their Base IDs manually, and then have them type in table names (hopefully without spelling or formatting errors).

It would be extremely helpful if the API that Zapier uses was made public.

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You can go to the main page of your api (w w w airtable dot com slash api) (sorry the forum wont let me post links), open the browser console and run the following sript:

const targetElements = document.querySelectorAll("");
let str = ""; => {
  str += `"${el.getAttribute("title")}";"${el.getAttribute("href").split("/")[1]}"\n`;

Not an actuall API endpoint but if you dont want to manually change the fields it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for chiming in @Allan_Holmes and welcome to the community.

Finally, we have a better pathway to build smarter apps.

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4 - Data Explorer

Is the api call working? I am getting a Not Found error, possibly due to the wrong key? I am using the key generated from my dashboard’s account feature.

Hey João - Are you using the special metadata API key + request header?

See this document. You need to register for a special metadata API key:

Hey Acco. Firstly, thank you for helping out. I am using the normal API key, that was probably why. I registered for a special metadata API key but I am still waiting on it, how long it usually takes to have the key?


Yep that’s it @Joao_Cavalcanti

I’m not sure how long it takes, not on the Airtable team :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing @Allan_Holmes - that’s great.

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4 - Data Explorer

@Allan_Holmes I can't go to (w w w airtable dot com slash api) it's redirecting me to web API page. where I found `` which is not working with API key I can create from `` . How can I find the Base List with API Key?