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API List all base collaborators

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I have a base with several collaborators. Some are listed in columns with collaborators and some aren’t.
I want to use the api to retrieve a list of all collaborators belonging to the base in question. Is that currently possible?

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I have excatly the same request.
Is there any API request available to get all team members ?

I’ve emailed support about this in the past and they’ve said it’s on the roadmap.

We also need this… please add soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, Any updates???

Bump! I don’t really want to store my base / table names in a separate place and then make sure I keep them updated, as I can’t loop through.

I use a work around, I have a table with metadata in. I would like table metadata accessible too!

It’s quick to update but not automatic.

Each row is a table name from the current database. One field is a multi collaborator type field with all the current collaborators added, another field is a multi tag type with all the tags included etc.

Then I get use that information to populate combo box’s or other form elements.

There seems to be an api for this now.

You can also retrieve a list of all base collaborators via the scripting block.