Auto download image URL on trigger then delete after action taken...possible?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I will be processing a very large number of social media posts in both image and video format. Due to this I will inevitably run into storage issues very quickly. I have image URLs set up like this within my table:,h-2025,fo-auto/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_140...,h-1000,fo-auto/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_140...,h-630,fo-auto/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_1402...,h-1080,fo-auto/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_140...,h-900,/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_140223_pb_1...,h-1920,fo-auto/recNzujaQVsEqCSGr_anotherTestMarathon_140...

Is there a way to automatically download these as an attachment (like if time to scheduled post is say less than 2 hours or something), then once posted, delete the attachment retaining the URL for reference?


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I don’t think this will work. 

Deleted attachments that are still within your revision history (and thus could be restored in a snapshot or restored from the trash) still count towards your attachment limit.

If you use only native Airtable automations, triggering an automation based on a specific time stored in the record is very difficult and imprecise. 

Why do you need the file to be an actual attachment in Airtable?

Are you open to using a third party integration service like that can better handle time-based triggers and also have that service retrieve the file so the file doesn’t have to be an Airtable attachment?