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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

From people’s experiments so far, are we seeing Scripting as an alternative to third-party automation like Zapier?

I suppose by that I’m talking most simply about Airtable > Airtable automation.

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Maybe not an alternative right now as I think scripting and Zapier are targeted at different audiences. Some people might not have the experience/time/desire to get into scripting and the appeal of Zapier is that, by and large, you don’t need to have this. But for those who want to do scripting, I feel it is going to be more flexible than Zapier (both AT -> AT and AT -> anything with an API).


And the deconstruction of aftermarket solutions begins. :winking_face: But as @JonathanBowen suggests, any intimation that Script Blocks can replace Zapier is likely at the fringe of possibilities.

If you are using Zapier to transform or ingest data AND the business requirement calls for lights-out processing (automatically invoked), a script block is not likely to compete for that business because there are presently no apparent ways to invoke a script block via the API or via a direct web service call into the script block. However, I predict eventually it will, and perhaps not far off.

Ideally, script blocks will eventually work like Firebase cloud functions (Google), Lambda cloud functions (Amazon). They will be serverless micro-services that can be invoked externally. Once Airtable takes that step, the erosion of glue-factory integration dominance will commence.

Agreed + I hope!


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New band name… I call it.

I tried to reply with “lol, nice”, but of course that did not meet the 20 chars requirement. In any case:

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

These are great insights and we’re happy to hear that the beta is already proving useful!

Right now, our efforts are focused on making scripting block a powerful tool to streamline interactive workflows. If you think of Zapier like full self driving cars, scripting block is currently more like assisted parallel parking :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re definitely interested in more ways to trigger scripts though and we hope to explore these options more soon!

Funny, I see it as exactly the opposite polarity.

Zapier will often get you close to your destination and often leaves you down at the corner of the block with your luggage.

In contrast, I believe Script Blocks has the ability to provide door-to-door service without additional costs, and no tip required.