Re: Build a script that converts a single row (with start date, end date) to multiple rows

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have an airtable base with ~1000 records. Each row record has a start and end date as well as additional information. I need to transform each record into multiple rows so that a record with a 3 month plan is shown in 3 rows, on a monthly basis (always 1st of every month)


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I recommend you have the new records created as linked records in a different table. That way you will not have so much duplicate information.

Can you clarify your goals?

  • Are you trying to write this script yourself?
  • Are you looking for an existing free script?
  • Do you want to hire someone to write this script for you?

I tried to do it myself. Ended up being to complex. Then hired a contractor to do it. Script works, but times out after 30 seconds (I need to multiply ~600 rows of data each with 1,3,6 or 12 rows, after around 200 rows it times out.

Is this an automation script? Automation scripts are limited to 30 seconds.

Can you change this to a scripting app that is run from a button to avoid the time limitation?

I suspect that your script is already creating records in batches of 50. (200 original records times an average of 6 new records would take about 30 seconds to create). However, it is possible to create all the records you need using a different technique that I call mega batches. With mega batches, you could create all the records you need (600 x 12) in well under 30 seconds.

If you are interested in hiring me to implement a script with mega batches, you can book an appointment with me to discuss options.