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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am looking for a script to insert the current date and time into a field when you hit a button.

Currently, my users just hit the “Today” button when the calendar pops up in the date-time field when they begin a task but I would like to just have a “Start Task” button.

I am new to scripting and would appreciate it if someone could walk me through this first application.

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Is it possible to tweak this a hair and have it add seven days to todays date and set the new date to that?

@Michael_Ali1 You could just replace the last three lines of the original script with the following four:

let record = await input.recordAsync('Record to timestamp', config.tableToUse)
let newDateTime = new Date();
newDateTime.setDate(newDateTime.getDate() + 7);
await config.tableToUse.updateRecordAsync(record, { []: newDateTime })

Thats perfect. Thanks!