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Airtable API Connection to Google Sheets

I currently use the Airtable API connection to pull data into Google Sheets. I've gotten an automated message that the API key will no longer work in 2024. Is there a new solution that I can use? 

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"airtable doesn't authorize the connection"

Hello,since recently I've a bug with embedding's airtable on my website. it says "airtable doesn't authorize the connection".Anyone knows how to solve this bug? thanks  airtable Support hasn't been able to help me

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eng by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! UpdateRecordsAsync is skipping some updates

Hiya AT community, I was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on my issue, as I haven't been able to solve this one on my own!I have a script that is performing some updates to a stocktake via a script. It will find matching items and then...

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api call

in what i am working ?i am working with a bot the bot ask questions and the response have to apered in airtable but its not working i try to fix it with a staff of botpress that is were i do the bot but they told me that it was an error of air tablec...

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Error with OAuth (Matillion ETL)

I am attempting to authorize an AirTable application to use OAuth with Matillion ETL (an orchestration tool).I am getting a an error while trying to authorize the application, related to the "state" field not being configured correctly. Can anyone he...

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Error generating Api key

Hey can you kindly tell how to generate Api key for air table . Is air table generating api keys or not? I tried every method i get a personal token but key isn’t generating. I also pasted personal token at the place of api key but it gives error 401...

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Connecting Twilio to AirTable

I know that there is already an automation that allows for Airtable to send SMS to Twilio, however I am looking to put together something more advanced. I want to use Twilio Studio to create a flow that would remind clients of their appointments (the...

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Avoid 30s limit script

Hello, I am creating a json object from my airtable data to send it to a google script: //Table Bail --> xxxxx //Table Locataire --> xxxxx //Table Facturation --> xxxxx //Table Roof --> xxxx //Table Chambre --> xxxxx let url = "https://script.googl...

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Feature Request: Colour Coding Columns

We've removed forms because me and my other users need to input info on mobile most of the time and if one makes a mistake or needs to adjust data, a form is not user friendly (submit form > realise mistake (or not) > open airtable app > find relevan...

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CURL failing out of WordPress Gravity Forms

I am running a function on gform_after_submission in WordPress. It creates an new record in a large AT. We are finding more often than not the submissions works in Gravity Forms but the record is not created in AT. I have error checks in my function ...

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Dear Team!Can you please check the below error ?Error while submitting AirTable entry{:ok, %HTTPoison.Response{status_code: 403, body: "{\"error\":{\"type\":\"INVALID_PERMISSIONS_OR_MODEL_NOT_FOUND\",\"message\":\"Invalid permissions, or the requeste...

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