Re: Can Airtable be used to automate data transfer to and from data warehouse? Let say amazon redshift?

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Hi Airtable Community,

We’re planning to integrate Airtable with our cloud-based data warehouse. The end-user should be able to use Airtable to dynamically setup and schedule data transfer to and from our data warehouse. Data transfer should be seamless and should support 20,000+ rows. Is this technically feasible? Thank you.

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Hi @lion_oxford, and welcome to the community!

Yep, I fully understand this requirement and I actually have a few clients doing exactly this with Firebase and ElasticSearch. The challenge, of course, is crafting a UX that helps users in a timely manner. While Airtable’s API is pretty good, the right solution that puts smiles on users’ faces must be carefully crafted.

I have one implementation that simulates Airtable access to about 10m Firebase nodes. As users select specific customer records, nodes associated with that customer are accessible with a simple button click.

I believe it is and it’s a simple matter of understanding the data and user requirements to build something that’s fast and efficient.

In this discussion, I raise the issue of native Airtable records capable of supporting large numbers of records as JSON objects. You might also find this interesting and perhaps a hybrid of native Airtable JSON collections combined with your data warehouse integration might be helpful to meet your objectives.

Hi Bill, Thanks for your reply. This seems a pretty daunting task haha, but this was all noted. Also, the example that you have given is kind of similar to our problem, we’ll further look into this. Thanks a lot!