Re: can i get specific fields from a record ??

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an issue to retieve only specific fields from a aitable record 

const fieldsToRetrieve = ["BlogSL1", "BlogSL2", "BlogSL3", "BlogSL4", "BlogSL5", "BlogSL6", "BlogSL7", "BlogSL8", "BlogSL9", "BlogSL10"];
 const response = await axios.get(`${BASE_URL}/appDP6faKvOeSxUKs/${queryKey}/${id}`, config);
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If you're doing a List Records API call you can use the `fields` query param.  For a Get Record call I don't think we can choose which fields to return I'm afraid

You are right airtable doesn't provide such functionality. I create a backend to achieve the same functionality