Can you change a view's group by script?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a view that needs the “Grouped By” setting changed every 24 hours. Are there any methods in the scripting block that would allow me to change a view’s group by setting? Alternatively, let me know if there are any apps that can achieve this.

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A view’s group, sort, and visible/hidden field properties are not exposed to scripts or to apps. This means the only way to change these options would be to change them the normal way and they cannot at the moment be changed using a script/app.

For your use case, would it be possible to use a formula or perhaps a script that changes the value of the field by which the view is grouped? That way the view is always “looking” at the same field, but since the field values are changing the group arrangements change as well.


I do it this way too,
and I complete it in the following way:
once the Filters and Sorts of my View are configured,
some of my SCRIPTs read / modify / write the FIELDs that influence Records Filters and Sorts.

Making a Field visible or invisible still escapes me completely because for the moment, it remains programmatically impossible.