Re: Create matching view from existing page designer extension via scripting or another extension

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4 - Data Explorer


Is there a way to take an existing page designer extension, figure out what fields are displayed on it, and create a table view showing those same fields? The goal is to have a table view where if I fill in every cell, I could then print "all records in view" in the page designer extension and feel confident that every page will be fully filled in. I've been doing it manually by creating a brand new all-fields-hidden view, going into the editing view of the the page designer extension, copying the name of each field and unhiding that field in the view. But there's dozens of extensions and dozens of fields.


I assume this could be done with two separate scripts? One to take the page designer extension as an input and then output a csv list of the field names, and one script that takes the list of field names as an input and could create a view with those fields shown and all other fields hidden.

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As far as I know there's no way to access the Page Designer extension programmatically I'm afraid