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Better load times for my app?

I currently am using Airtable as the backend for my company's app. The automations functionality and populating information automatically from a form are the biggest game changers we've had in a while. I understand that Airtable is not a backend and ...

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Add multiple running total script into one script

Hello,I'm using this running total script which works great but I want to add another running total column based on another field to this. Any solutions on how to add another running total in the same script?The table and view are the sameThe fields ...

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E INVOICE Creation with QR code

Hi, is it possible to issue E invoice using Airtable based on ZATCA standards, like now KSA government linking all invoices via API in there portal from external apps.So if we create records it will generate QR code (contains company details) then th...

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Resolved! Using API to pull data from Shipstation webhook to Airtable

Hi all,I'm a complete beginner and have never worked with API's before. So I'm really sorry, but I'm hoping someone could help me, as I've been googling for days and don't know what is what anymore!I am trying to link my shipping solution (Shipstatio...

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"Could not find field \"fields\" in the request body"

Hi everyone! I've recently started using Airtable and absolutely love it However, I'm getting an error while trying to use the PATCH request to update a field in my table.My code is shown below:UrlFetchApp.fetch('' + baseI...

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Limitations of scripting extension

I noticed that running a script as part of an automation flow has some limitations in place, which are outlined here. I want to know if the same limitations apply when I am using the Scripting extension.Thanks!

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How to get the share view id to embed iframe

<iframe class="airtable-embed" src="<share view id>?backgroundColor=green&viewControls=on" frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" width="100%" height="533" style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;"></iframe>How do I...

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choose specific linked records

Hi I hope you are doing well,I am new at using Airtable and I have created 4 tables in Airtable : clients, sites, projects, partners and agencies, the relationships are that to each client we assign sites and to each site we assign projects and to ea...

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Resolved! Write to the currency field in Airtable using Javascript

HiI'm reading my Airtable data using the API which is working fine, I'm now trying to write back to Airtable but I am having issues.I can write to Airtable successfully if the field is a string or a number but I can't when it's a currency. Any ideas ...

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Regarding OAuth 2 integration

I am working on Zoho 's cliq communication platform and I am developing an Airtable extension for that platform. When I tried to create connection with Airtable (actually the platform has a internal frame work kind of thing ) through which oauth conn...

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Resolved! Scripting Extension external Api calls Limitation

Hey Guys, My question is how many external API calls we can make in Scipting Extension Block per execution.FYI, my usecase is to read records(around 2000) from a table view, make 2000 API calls for all of these records, and then finally update the re...

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Resolved! clearing fields with scripting

Hi all,This seems pretty basic but I can't get it to work after a day of researching and patching together example code I've found. I have no Javascript experience.I simply want to run a script that entirely clears the contents of a column. Here's wh...

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Can I use the scripting extension in automations?

Hi there! So, I have a funny case. I wanted to connect to a webhook and grab some properties. I needed to create a script since I had nested data. I did that and noticed that I can't use updateRecordAsync() procedure inside scripts in automation. I t...

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