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Problem when using scripting to add records

There are 131 fields in my table. After retrieving 2000 records and making them synchronize their fields, i only receive success for 300 records when using scripting to import them to my Airtable table. Why is this? 

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Resolved! How can i console.log a filtered record?

 const table1 = base.getTable("Table 1") const view = table1.getView("Grid view"); const record_view = await table1.selectRecordsAsync({fields: ["Name"]}) const record_filtered = record_view.records.filter(record => === "Test 1") I'm j...

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Airtable API not returning more than 100 records

Trying to debug code written by someone else. It seems that the following code doesnt return more than 100 records even though fetchnextpage is set.This seems to have stopped working recently and I'm not sure what has changed. return new Promise((res...

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Create share link for a View via an API

I'm interested in creating a share link for a View automatically in response to user requests through our backend server.Could anyone tell me if it's feasible to generate such a link via an API or through any other methods?Thank you!Appendix:The imag...

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Capturing photos IN a form

I'm wondering if forms can also have the "take photo" function in attachments the same as when adding records from a phone or device? The idea is to have customer feedback be able to take a photo in the feedback form without going through their galle...

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oauth-custom extension

Hi,I developed custom extension in airtable..In this I am implemented Oauth manually and its almost done.The blocker i am facing is after getting access token i dont know the redirect url for that extensionhow can i get the redirect url for the exten...

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Autodelete columns from 500 onwards

Hello there,Everytime an event occurs, a tool add a new record in Airtable. Once added, it's automatically sorted by Creating Time, so the newest one is always on top.What i need it that if the total rows is 500 and a new record is added on the top, ...

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