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4 - Data Explorer

I’m using Integromat to parse a CSV file, check for updates and delete entries that don’t exist anymore. I need to run this every hour so it takes alot of Integromat operations to complete.

It would be easier if I just deleted all the records and created them every hour. Does anyone have a curl command or some script that can run to delete all records from one API call? I saw mention of “batching” but I don’t see that in the API.

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And I presume you also must create new records in that process. If so, have you thought about repurposing records that are obsolete instead of deleting them? It’s far quicker to patch a row with new data than delete and re-add a new record.

I have not. I thought about searching for records and records that no longer exist delete them and then add new records since I can do that easily in Integromat. I don’t have enough experience outside of Integromat to patch any other way.

Yep - it’s not easy to use the API and Integromat provides the next best (and cheapest) option.