Display in repeating group on List of data fetched from Airtable using Curl API

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

***I know this might be irrelevant here, But Somonoe might have gone through this

Hi, I use Airtbale as my database on therefore I use the Airtable plugin to get data and display it in a repeating group list.

However, the plugin only allows for CRUD operations. I want to filter the data. So I Wrote a script that fetches the data from Airtable API using Curl.
All is good so far. I get the data I need, My problem is how can I display it in the reading group!

Usually, I have the repeating group set up as follows:
type of content: the table I’m getting the data from
Data source: get Data from an external API → Airtable → Pick the table that matches the type of content.

But since I’m fetching the API call. the script returns (using javascriptToBubble) a value list.
I tried to use the options display list in RG and fed it the returned value. but it didn’t work. getting the error “Airtable plugin data load error: Could not find what you are looking for”
I inspected the RG to get the structure of the response to the Airtable plugin retrieves. I noticed that it only needs the ID per record and not the whole object. Tried to feed it only the ID per record. still the same issue.
This is the response I get from the script I wrote:
This is the Airtable plugin structure in RG when inspected:

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