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Does the AirTable API Javascript Client work with React Native?

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Hello all,

I am using AirTable as the data store for a MVP version of a mobile app built with React Native, and as the content creation / management application.

So far, I am using the fetch API, and REST calls for CRUD operations on the data. I did this in order to get going fast, but am not handling things like:

HTTP Status 429 rate limiting and retry.
Deletes of more than 10 records at a time being “batched”

The Javascript client documentation sats it handles some of these things, and runs in Browsers and NodeJS. I cannot find any mention of React Native in the documentation or support in formation.

I’ve looked at the Typescript code in Github, and everything appears ready to be deployed inside a React Native application, but … I don’t KNOW it works.

Has anyone actually used the AirTable API client in a React Native application that is using Expo? Tested it on iPhones and Android devices?

We are moving very fast, and I don’t want to waste time with the Client if it doesn’t work with React Native…

Any help experience you’ve had with React Native and AirTable would be greatly appreciated.

– Michael.

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