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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there. I have created a time tracking app and used Airtable as backend. While it works perfectly for all get API requests I have troubles with post requests.

Users need to fill in a duration that they have worked. While everything else works absolutely fine I can't work out how I can create an API Post request where the user can input the duration using h:mm format and not seconds. I can work around it in Airtable using the formula but it is not practical to have App users type in their work time in seconds.

Is there a way to create a working post request? I am slowly starting to loose hope in Airtable. 

thx in advance

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Are you using the Web API? Have you tried setting the typecast parameter to true? 

Another option is to have users enter their data in h:mm format in a text field and then use a formula field to convert to numeric format (if necessary).

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi. Yes, I think I use Web API. Typecast sadly doesn't make a difference in my case. It is set to true via JSON:

"typecast": true

Currently my users input their working hours in a text field in my app. To calculate with their entries I then convert them into duration fields via "VALUE({field name})".

However in the end I want to present the result of my calculation in the app. Doing so it presents the result in seconds. If I the convert it into a number it always gives me a number with endless decimal places (ex: 4.16666...) which is not practical for my app. Currently I work around it with a formula field that rounds the number (4.16666... -> 4).

However I would need an exact result. So I would need an option to either only send 2 decimal places via API or a way to convert a duration into a string and then send the string via API.