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I am using Voiceflow to retrieve data and send it to Airtable via the API. However, I keep encountering the above error despite my request appearing to be correctly formattedThis is in my body.  { "records": [ { "fields": { "first...

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Issue in Fetching data after Adding Record

When adding data to Airtable records using Softr, I encounter a significant delay of around 4-5 minutes for the data to appear upon refresh if the records contain foreign keys referencing another table. This delay contrasts sharply with the immediate...

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Issue Linking Tables

Hi AllI am having issues with linking information between tables.I have the below linked:1) Master Order Table 2) Order Line ItemsI wanted to create a new table called Purchase Orders (POs) which is just relevant purchase order information (excluding...

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FPX by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! Airtable API endpoints

Hi! very new to using Airtable. I am trying to find out if it’s possible to use Airtable to populate users profiles for a small 30 members community. I am trying to display name, title, image, etc.. or would I be better using something I am more fami...

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CORS problem when used airtable variable

I can call my endpoint (with hardcode variable) it's successful in requesting ( got a response ), but when I try to use a variable, params from the record. It's stuck on the CORS problem, but I am not sure why,(both variables are the same, the differ...

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script to copy array of found records to linked field

I'm creating a script between 2 tables: 'Engagements' and 'People'.Engagements is a list of event attendancePeople is a master list of peopleI have a script that, using the attendance sign up info (name, email), tries to find a matching person from t...

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