Enterprise API to support a script to remove Permissions from Fields & Tables

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4 - Data Explorer

hello. i’ve recently been told by Airtable Support that Permission for Groups / Users are not copied by default when Duplicating a Base

It is expected behavior that the new base doesn’t have the same permissions as before so that nothing is unintentionally shared.

as a result, when i Duplicate a Base, most Tables and many Fields are unusable, since they are still locked with Permissions … it’s just that no User or Group has those Permissions. so it requires a manual removal of the Permissions from every Field & Table to which they had been applied.

we can continue using your excellent security features if we can build a script using your Enterprise API which can detect & remove those Permissions. your API documentation doesn’t describe the ‘Get Table’ endpoint (which would be the first place i would think to start). there also seem to be a variety of ?include= parameters, but i’m not sure what the range of values is, nor the shape of the responses

it there a more complete version of the API documentation which covers the schema and / or modifying Permissions? we would be happy to do the research ourselves in order to solve our problem.

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