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Solution for bicycling club

Hello, I am looking for a solution for my cycling club that would allow me to create categories for outings and whose members could register by looking at the different outings offered in the calendar. People who offer outings would have the right to...

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Airtable API caching

I have a very simple web page that does an API GET call.  Sometimes it takes several minutes for the information to be updated.  Does Airtable have a caching protocol when fetching results from the table?  Thanks.

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Reflect Excel data in Airtable

Hello Airtable CommunityAll of the info I've found on this subject is ironically in reverse (trying to reflect Airtable in Excel).I would like to have information that is originally added to Excel, to be reflected in Airtable.Is this possible? Furthe...

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OAuth Error on Authorization request

I've registered a new OAuth integration record on my dev instance of Airtable, however when trying to perform the first step of authorization by getting a code I am presented with the following error:"This third-party app failed to properly construct...

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Airtable API doesn't filter records correctly

Hey Airtable Community!I have a problem that's been bugging me for some time and I can't seem to solve it, so I decided to ask for your help.I have an automation on that pulls data from my bank account, looks for transactions by [transaction...

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query metabase

hey guys,I have a huge database of customers in metabase.comwhat i want to achieve is a script that will access metabase via api, query the bookings table and based on some criteria return value from field ID (booking id).

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API GET request with fields in query string failing

the url I am using (In Power Automate Desktop) is{"Account No","Case Descriptive"}&view=Update Taxes Monthly - Dad&filterByFormula=AND({DNC Case Master} = 0, OR({Taxes Owed Last U...

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