Exactly what is "The API is limited 5 requests per seconds"

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Sorry for my bad English,

I dont know exactly what is “The API is limited 5 requests per seconds” my question is that " If 10 users are requesting data at same time then will they recieve data or not… if yes then how many user can request data simultaneously without getting error… if no they what is the max no of user per second who can receive data which errors.

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Welcome to the community @Prince_Shubham! Your English is great! I know exactly what you meant. :winking_face:

If – and only if – you have created a web app that provides access to your Airtable data using the API, should you be concerned with this limitation. The scenario you describe applies to this context but it does not apply to shared access to Airtable itself. I know of many clients who have large teams all hammering on their Airtable bases and all without any issues.

If, by chance, you are actually hosting Airtable data via the API in an open Internet solution with lots of simultaneous users, you do need to think about this limitation and there are a variety of ways to skirt this limitation.

my question is will they receive data or not if 100 user simultaneously open my app

Define “my app”. No one can answer this question unless they have a clear understanding about your app’s architecture and implementation approach.

my app request a column of 25 list… and show in a label… will user receive data if 100 user simultaneously open my app…

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

please help me please reply anyone

Is your app a “web app” built with HTML? Is it a web page with a framed Airtable view?

Unknown until we know the precise way that you built your “app”.