Feature request: Schedule status (single select) changes

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Airtable team, 

I currently use an automation linked to a single select "status" change to manage communication with candidates that have applied for a role at our company.

Eg. if I change the status to "dismissed", it triggers the automation to send out an email to let the candidate know they are no longer being considered for the role they applied for.

I do not want to send them a dismissal email right after our call and would rather wait the next day to do so. Now, to avoid for me to check back on this person later and also to offer an appropriate response time despite weekends or leave, I wish I could schedule the status to change within a certain timeframe.

Thanks for considering my request!

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You submitted this as a feature request, but you might be interested in knowing how to do this using current features. 

You could create a “last modified time” field that looks only at the {status} field. Then adjust the conditions for the automation so that the {status} is “dismissed” and the last modified time is yesterday (or some other time in the past of your choosing).