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5 - Automation Enthusiast


With the API custom with a filterbyformula, I would like to collect all record, corresponding to my needs, from two differents fields.


Like, in this case i would like to get all records into “expediteur” field where {} corresponding. But now in my case, I would like the same but into two fields. (expediteur & destinataire) is it possible ? And how to write that ? Thanks you

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First build your formula in the Airtable user interface. You will probably need to use the AND() or OR() function in your formula to combine the conditions. Once you have a working formula, the rest is string manipulation.

This is not exactly what I need. Actually, i want to add another field into my API. I don’t know how to add another field next to “expediteur” …

What do you want the formula to look like before url encoding?

I would like to search the records where the fiels DESTINATAIRE or the field EXPEDITEUR is equal to the {}.

You cannot simply add a new field name to the filterByFormula value. You need to construct a valid Airtable formula.

For example, if the email is, your formula before url encoding would need to look like


Once you remove white space you would have …


After url encoding you would have …

Thanks this is exactly what i need! Thank you