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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello everyone! 

I use an external software to manage payments and such. When a certain action is made in that software I want to send a webhook to Airtable with the purpose of creating a new Record with information about the change in the payment software. 

So far so good, I have started looking at Automations for this and found the trigger 'When webhook received'. Then I got a webhook URL. 

What kind of Action should I choose to use? Would it be possible to just pick 'Create Record' and then pick the data from the webhook call? Or is it necessary to write a Script? 

The data could be something like: 
- Contract ID
- Payment method

Thanks in advance!

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Create record action might be enough, if webhook is sent correctly by external app. Sometimes payload wrapped into additional array or object and you cannot access what's inside without scripting. But usually data is ready to be used by next step. Test receiving webhook and you will see.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! It sounds like you're trying to automate the creation of new records in Airtable when a certain action is made in your external payment software.
To answer your question, if the data in the webhook call is structured in a way that matches the fields in your Airtable table, then you should be able to use the "Create Record" action and map the data from the webhook call to the appropriate fields in Airtable.
However, if the webhook data needs to be transformed or manipulated in some way before being added to Airtable, then you may need to write a script using the Scripting block in Airtable.
In any case, I would recommend testing your automation with a few sample webhook calls to make sure everything is working as expected before relying on it for production use.
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