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6 - Interface Innovator
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Hello everyone! Right now we have a shared Excel document with an external person. When he has completed a task he will fill a row in the Excel sheet. We want this to be made in Airtable instead. Is that possible? I thought about creating a Form, but...
Evening! I am trying to create a table with multiple purposes: 1. Share and store meeting notes2. View date for next meeting 3. See who attends each meeting - this is the one I need help with. _______ So I have created this table:Each Record has its ...
Helle everyone! I am trying to make a table where I'll have an overview of different kind of meetings. Let's take meeting A as an example. This meeting happens every 14 days. When the meeting has happened (the date is yesterday) I would like a new Re...
Hello everyone!I've created an Automation that fires when a Record enters a certain View (date). However, if a colleague of mine creates a Record, sets the date till today which triggers the Automation, the Automation will start firing which will end...
Hello everyone - and Merry Christmas! So I am playing around with a table that contains several Records with dates in the future (new Records are being added from time to time). The Records will be made by colleagues in one department and then taken ...
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