Need help with uploading .csv file using Sync-API

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7 - App Architect

Hello everyone! 

So I've run into bit of an issue regarding uploading my .csv-file using the Sync API. I use Insomnia as my API client.

So what's done so far: 

I've created an excel-file, made a bunch of headers and added some fill text to each header. 

Then I've saved this as a .csv-file. 

In Insomnia, I've made use of the Binary file body and uploaded the .csv. All good. The file is sent to Airtable. 

Here is the issue. When importing the file to Airtable, it tells me that only one field exist and this field contains all of the headers I've made in the .csv-file. How come? 

Skærmbillede 2023-09-01 kl. 11.17.27.png

 Hope that someone can help me figure this out. Thanks!

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Your screenshot shows that you’re using semicolons to separate the columns instead of commas. CSV stands for “comma separated values”.

Alternatively, if you want to stick with semicolons, you can use any delimiter you’d like by using Make’s CSV tools to import CSV files into Airtable.

In fact, most people would benefit from using Make’s CSV tools, because it’s an automated, no-code way of uploading and even merging records from CSV files into Airtable. I discuss importing and exporting CSV files into Airtable with Make on this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast:

airtable #on2air #builtonair 7/18/2023 - BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show - S15-E02 ___________________________ The BuiltOnAir podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable universe. Check us out at Join our community, join our Slack channel

Hello. I've tried several times to save it as a comma separated file, also with no luck.