Getting INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN" for empty multiple select

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everybody,

I created a multiple select field and integrated it with my website. It works fine if you check an option. I want users to also be able to not check anything from the field. However if nothing is checked from this multiple select field, then I cannot submit the form. I get invalid value for column. How can I succeed this?

Thanks in advance!

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6 - Interface Innovator

There’s a couple of different things that could be happening. When trying to update or create a record that contains a multi-select, you have to include all options as an array (even if there is only one element in the array). If you do not, you will receive the “INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN” error.

If you want to update or create a record that contains a multi-select, but you don’t have anything selected, then you should not include the field in your request. Additionally, you can pass null. For updates though, passing null will clear out any already selected options.

If you try and use values that do not already exist in your mutli-select, you’ll receive an error “INVALID_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_OPTIONS”

Hi Giovanni, thank you for your answer.

I am creating the field and I already add all the options to both my code and the Airtable and it works correctly. However, my multiple checkbox is not required in the form. Therefore, if you don’t check anything and submit it, I get this error. I assume this is because Airtable thinks that it is not a valid value. I was wondering if I could make the checkbox non-required. Alternatively, I added a “none of the above” option and it works. I was just wondering if I there is a way that could make the checkbox non required.