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When we read about other products like the recent early experience beta announcement of Google Tables, we often assume such tools are simply a threat to all other near-codeless platforms. I don’t see it that way - here’s why.

It’s not unreasonable to ask -

Should I be thinking about this new technology? Is it something that could threaten my business activities and commitment to Airtable? Is my service going to improve or suffer as a result?

These are rational questions and concerns but luckily, we operate in a free-market economy and because there’s competition, Airtable is likely to improve at a faster pace as a result of any new competitive offerings.

Having been on the test team for many Google services in the past and recently the Tables product, I can assure all of you - Airtable has a huge headstart and especially on the UX axis. I can also predict that integration between the two platforms will yield a wholly new crop of business solutions that would be impractical in either platform.

Airtable’s recent financing and market growth will only accelerate what has been an astonishing year in technical milestones. As soon as I became aware of many of the competitive options that most see as deep threats, my excitement for Airtable and its future only accelerated.

I predict there will be very big opportunities to blend Google Tables and Airtable to meet data, analytics, and workflow requirements that will change how many businesses manage and operate their IT infrastructure. But the key to this is the ability to integrate these two worlds and with that, my firm is creating a combined Airtable/gTables library that removes the complexities for blending these two worlds - a single API for building combined platform solutions.

If you would like a quick conversation to get a deeper understanding of Google Tables and where integrations with Tables and Airtable may be useful, book a 15 minute slot - happy to share what I can.

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4 - Data Explorer


Im in the process of blending Google Sheets and airtable at the moment.
Been meaning to hire you guys for several months now its on my to-do list.

The calendar link doesnt seem to work, you get too many appointments haha?

Hmmmm… seems to work.