Re: How can I archive the script run log?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am building a scripting block to create some custom imports.

For each record I output a log note on the action for that record.

When I run the block, I see the log on the right hand side.

Whats the best way to archive that log for future purposes, and is it possible to send that log out to the sessionUser via email or notification attachment?

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Welcome to the community @Tanmay_Bhide!

Perhaps I’m a little biased, but why not log the activity in Airtable? :winking_face:

Separately, but perhaps related, I sometimes post log activity, user session data, etc to a web service directly into Google sheets or Firebase depending on business requirements.

Would be good if we could actually store a log with a snapshot version after the updates. Does the scripting block api allow us to take a base snapshot?

Hi @Tanmay_Bhide:

Creating a base snapshot from the scripting block is not supported. As for a run log, it’s as @Bill.French suggests — your best bet is to create a new table in your base (e.g. “Script runs”) and creating a new record for each run with the output. (You can also use this with fields like created time or a collaborator field that logs session.currentUser to track who ran the script!)