How do I filter down by email field and stage field and record type field in API request for airtabl

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4 - Data Explorer
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1. The Airtable API encoder tool will be able to help you craft this sort of an API call to Airtable.

2. Also, there are some great examples of API calls that Airtable has personally customized for you on your own personalized web API documentation page. Scroll down to choose your base from the list of bases.

3. Also, for people who are reading this in the future and are looking for a non-coding way of doing this that doesn’t require writing any custom programming code at all, you can make all of these same API requests using Make’s Airtable integrations. Make provides a user-friendly, no-code, point-and-click environment to do all of this.

Hmm, I copy pasted your link and it looks like this:

After your first filterByFormula, it looks like another URL, which doesn't seem right.  It also looks like you're using a variable called 'emailInput'?  Are you dynamically generating this link?

It also seems like you've got 5-6 things you're filtering by.  Could I confirm you managed to get something working without filtering by anything, as well as when filtering by just one thing?