How to combine find and replace with a template

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,

I’m trying to develop a method to work with a given table with a various views.

  • I have a table named “Send Pitch”.
  • Under this table, I have multiple views. Each view tied to a different client.
  • Each client has its campaigns with multiple names.
  • Each campaign has its own “Pitch” or “Follow up” that needs to be sent to a potential lead.

I want to create a method to show on a given column the full template of this pitch with personalization.
I tried so many ways to build a flow for this problem, but I couldn’t find the right way to do that.

Here’s an example of a view:

I need to work with these fields:

  • Campaign name
  • First Name
  • User Name
  • Fup Text

Basically, I thought of this metric:

  • Extract the fup number from ‘Campaign Name’ column
  • Finding the relevant Pitch for the ‘fup’ code
  • Assign it to a column
  • Modify ‘First.Name’ and ‘User.Name’

I’ve tried to use a sequence like in this video, but I’m afraid it’s not the best fit :

So I thought of building a general script and automation when new records comes in.
The Fup Text could be in a different table like in the above example, and could be in the “back end” (meaning - on the script without using this table).

I hope I explained it clearly, if you have any questions - let me know.
Thanks in advance for any help or lead to solve this problem.

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