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Replying to closed topics?

Topic Labels: Custom extensions
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Hey Airtable team,

I noticed that topics started closing automatically after 3 days, with no way of replying and contributing to the discussion. Specifically to the custom blocks topic where new things are learned and created on a daily basis (but in my opinion relevant to all categories), I think that this puts some breaks on the sharing of knowledge in the community and on it’s growth.

Just my 2 cents.


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Great point @Ronen_Babayoff. This will also help in decreasing the amount of duplicate posts for the same question.


I’m making a duplicate post right now because someone asked the same question I have but it was never answered and the topic was automatically closed. It would be much better for to build knowledge in the longer term IMO to keep topics open. StackOverflow and Github issues are examples where long running topics can continue to help people facing similar questions