How to find the linked table for lookup type columns

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Folks,

I need to find the linked table id of a lookup type column. Airtable metadata api returns this information for record links type field but it does not return for lookup type fields. I share sample response of metadata api for those field types.

 "type": "multipleLookupValues",
 "id": "fldXYZ",
 "name": "Column 1"
 "type": "multipleRecordLinks",
 "options": {
 "linkedTableId": "tblXYZ",
 "isReversed": false,
 "prefersSingleRecordLink": false,
 "inverseLinkFieldId": "fldYYY"
 "id": "fldAAA",
 "name": "Column 2"
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