Images imported via Zapier via API are disappearing within seconds

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6 - Interface Innovator

Lately, when Zapier updates attachment fields with images, it briefly shows the attachment, but seconds later it completely deletes anything in that field. Even when there we’re already attachments, it deletes them.

I saw that this problem happened over a year ago in closed threads, but now I’m experiencing it and it’s causing huge issues with my client.

Support isn’t recognizing this issue as a known bug. Has anyone solved this?

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I’ve seen reports of this happening before in these forums, but I’ve never experienced this problem myself.

Although I’ve only used Integromat and direct API calls to add attachments into Airtable — I haven’t used Zapier to do this.

It’s very possible that it’s an Airtable bug, but it’s also possible that perhaps there is something wrong with the Zapier setup as well. For example, maybe the URL link is expiring before Airtable has a chance to finish uploading it? I’m just guessing.

Just for testing purposes, you may want to try Integromat to upload your attachments into Airtable to see if you get the same problem:

p.s. Also note that Airtable’s API will always overwrite old attachments when you send a new attachment into the field, unless you create an array that contains both the old attachment URL & the new attachment URL.