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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello there,

Please help me out with Integromat Search module.

I used this formula in Integromat Search module to send email 2 days after check out.
Check-out is lookup field.

IF(AND({Rev}!="", { :x: }=BLANK(), DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Check-out},‘days’)=2),“1”,“0”)

The formula seams to work in airtable, but the search module does not always return correct result.
for ex. same email was sent 2 days in a row, which should not be possible because 2 days difference can be only on one date :confused:

Please advise,
Thank you

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Hi @Pjero_Kusijanovic,

If you can take a screenshot of the table that would be great, I have some doubts about the formula that maybe would fix it.

However, if the formula is returning the correct results in Airtable, maybe it would be best if you create a view that filters on the result of this formula (where the result = 1) and let Integromat trigger on this view instead of the search formula.


11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Ho @Pjero_Kusijanovic

One way to do this, is by using a filter just before the email module, in Integromat. Otherwise, the formula that you have will not work in Integromat.

You could use these options in your filter:


There is the option of “addDays”. I have set up a similar filter, although, this is a bit new for me, so you may want to also post this on Integromat’ s FaceBook page for support.

You may still need the search option, so you could use the Airtable tags for both the filter and email module.

Similar to this:



The filter would be setup similar to this and you might need to use the plus sign from the math option (the third one from the left same dialogue box as the Time functione.


Hope this points you in the right direction.

Thank you,
Mary Kay