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Integromat UPSERT with attachments

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The attachments get into my airtable, but…
a) they only show as grey paper clips
b) clicking on them gives a black screen with an error e.g. “Previews for this filetype are not available
screenshot_20211001-083956_google (3).jpg - 315.2 KB” - so airtable KNOWS this is a jpg
c) clicking on the “Download” button from that black page, correctly downloads the file - so airtable HAS the file.

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Where is the file coming from before being added to Airtable? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the data inspection popup from your Integromat scenario that shows the file data?

It’s a file in dropbox and im passing the download share url to airtable upsert.


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