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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey Guys,

I currently have a functioning invoice generator that I modified from the “Product Catalog” Template Block.

I’m realizing that while this does generate a visual Invoice, I can’t seem to find a way to import that data into Stripe or some form of online payment portal if I wanted to email that invoice over.

What suggestions can I do to:
Auto Generate a PAYABLE invoice by client.

  • This does not need to be paid on airtable. but it needs to generate a link (Lets say stripe) to be sent to be paid via email.
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Hi Nate, and welcome to the community.

Yeah, the only way I’ve had success with this is to build an automation process in Google Apps Script and then use Airtable data to generate a [Google] document from a [Google document template], embed the payment links, etc and then convert to a PDF and automatically email as an attachment.

There are also ways to embed the payment links into an email body itself thus bypassing the need for the PDF document, but there is generally a benefit to sending an invoice document that can simply be paid or shared with someone in accounting who can pay it.

It’s possible [now] in light of the openness with custom blocks or even script blocks to find a way to do this without running an external API process, but I have not had the pleasure of a client paying for the opportunity to find this newly possible pathway.

Thanks Bill!

I’d love to see that process more in depth. I am hoping that they figure out a way to integrate this directly for us. It’s something I would gladly pay to be developed.


10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

We’ve built a form for Airtable that integrates with Stripe. It can be used as an invoice generator. Every record in your table be can be turned into a payable invoice.

Wow, Moe! Thank you so much. I would love to collaborate more in-depth and learn what other cool projects you guys have in the pipeline

Hi Bill,

Thank you reaching out and building this visually. It has helped me understand the concept entirely. Let’s keep in touch