Re: Lost connection to the server for every new user of our AirTable interface

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello AirTable team,

Hope things are good. Our team recently decided to try using AirTable to automate a simple referral management process. The idea is super simple:

  1. We have an AirTable database where leads are managed
  2. We've created an interface on top of that database for partners to see status of their leads
  3. We've published a link to that interface so you can access it

The problem is, whenever our users are trying to work with that interface, they are always getting the "lost connection to the server" popup - which is "harmless" (i.e. if you ignore it - everything works just fine), but it looks "scary" enough for users not even to try to proceed. You can see that experience in an the demo video below —

Direct link to the same video:

Do you guys have any idea what this could be? What is interesting, it doesn't seem to happen to "long-time Airtable users" — i.e., if you "test" with your existing user account (and don't go through the AirTable registration process) — this popup seems to appear less often, even though it still tends to appear.

Tested in 3 different browser types — Chrome, Safari & Firefox — this problem reproduces in all of them the same way.

Any ideas?

Regards, Max

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Note: the same problem does not happen for users, who already have account with AirTable for some time. This seem to happen only to those, who have "recently registered in AirTable" to access this user interface. When using "existing account" that existed for a while, works as expected, no "lost connection to the server" message.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Looks like we've managed to find a "workaround". There seems to be a special "postfix" in the URL "/form" that you guys use for iframe embedding. When working in that mode, seems that all such "popups" are not shown —


Hence, if we use that URL always, seems like our problem is resolved. It would be nice to have it fixed systematically, but it seems that with this workaround, we are able to resolve our user's problems for now.