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7 - App Architect


According to the documentation of Rich Text Formatting the Markdown format can handle 2 kind of links:

  • The [ text ] (link)
  • The [ text ] [ number ] with a [ number ] : ( link ) at the end of the content

But to my understanding if I use the API to send a content with the 1st format then it is converted to the 2nd format.


  • Did I correctly understand ?
  • Is it something that AirTable wants ? (because I sync notes with AirTable, and so notes links are scramble when I retrieve them from the API and sometimes inline links are better than references)
  • Is there a smart way to link an AirTable record ? like [1] : (recId)


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In my experience, when using the Scripting API to create a markdown link in a rich text field, inline links remain as inline links and are not converted to reference links.

You could create a link to an Airtable record using its url, just like any other link. You would need to know the table id as well as the record id to build the complete url in the format<table id>/<record id>. Note that the link would open in a new browser window.

Thanks I’ll double check the content I send and the content I received

That’s an interesting idea the URL you describe. I think I’ll use that, parse all URL from my wiki notes and fill/update a column with real link to records

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

So I confirm if I send a link like
![ label ] (path/to/image )

it will be rewrite like
![ label ] [ 1 ]

with at the end
[ 1 ] : path/to/image

It would be cool no to rewrite the markdown links

  • because it’s not easy to write on large wiki
  • because it breaks diff and updates