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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to access the metadata but I keep getting a 404 error.
I have a feeling that the problem is with the headers.

headers = {
"Authorization":"Bearer My_User_API",
"X-Airtable-Client-Secret": "Meta_Secret_Token"

response=requests.get("", headers=headers)

# I also tried
response=requests.get("", headers=headers)

Any ideas?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Both of those requests look fine. I’m not sure about Python specifics, you can try the same with curl in your terminal to help isolate the issue:

curl "" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer keyXXXXXXXXXXX" \
-H "x-airtable-client-secret: yourorg-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

Note HTTP header names are case insensitive. If that curl requeset works for you, then you know it’s something with the Python wrapper/lib you’re using.

Thanks for the response. I am still getting {“error”:{“type”:“NOT_FOUND”}} with CURL.
My client secret key does not start with yourorg-xxxx though it’s just bdTxxxxxx
The client secret key is the Meta API key right?
Is it possible to reset it? I’m 100% sure I’ve copied it correctly?

Hey @Peter_Stavrou – got it, totally possible they changed the format of the client secret key.

Indeed, the client secret key is the Meta API key.

It 404s on both /v0/meta/bases and on /v0/meta/bases/My_BaseID/tables? Because my next suspicion is just that My_BaseID might be wrong (grab this ID from either the /v0/meta/bases endpoint or via examples at

Both give me 404 which confirms that BaseID is not wrong.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

If you don’t mind using all Python code (and skipping curl), this is some sample code I put together to test the API:

# 2021-02-02 v0.01  runs under Python 3.9 (should work with 3.5+)

     # from airtable import Airtable                 # you might need to include this (I didn't have to)
    from airtable.auth import AirtableAuth

    import requests
    import json

    API_KEY  = 'keyABCDEF01234567'            # your API key
    BASE_KEY  = 'appABCDEF000111'             # base key with the tables to list
    CLIENT_SECRET  = "pythonorg-000123abcdef"  # sample secret for 'python org' company

    auth_info = AirtableAuth( API_KEY )
    meta_hdr  = {"X-Airtable-Client-Secret": CLIENT_SECRET }

    resp = requests.get( ""+ BASE_KEY +"/tables", 
                         auth=auth_info, headers=meta_hdr)

    table_dict = json.loads( resp.text )

        for tbl in table_dict[ 'tables' ]:
            print( tbl['name'] )

I hope that helps to get you started.


Thanks heaps jd!

I’m still getting 404 error so I’m guessing there is an issue with my keys.
I’ll follow this up and try your code afterwards.