Script that when triggered, Automatically presses other buttons in the table

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6 - Interface Innovator

Dear Airtable Community,

Seems as though the tenacity here never fails and I wanted to get some help on something I think a lot of people would take advantage of.

Is it possible to write a script, either on Airtable or maybe with even another tool, that automatically presses other buttons in a table for all existing records? The buttons I want to be automatically pressed are all Zapier Webhook automations relative to each specific record, but I may need up to 200 of these buttons pressed at once and am looking for the best automated solution. Thank you to anyone who can offer some guidance!

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Hi @Joe_Pino, and welcome to the community!

Yeah, there is, but don’t do this. It’s a bad idea.

The “best automated solution” is not likely known unless you can share a few more details such as:

  • The buttons that run the Zapier actions; how are they configured today?
  • Are they linked to script blocks already?
  • Or, is it some magic happening at Zapier that does this automatically?
  • How much time does each process require to complete?
  • What is the process that Zapier actually does?

Hey @Bill.French , grateful for your speedy assistance. I’ll do my best to answer these!

Each button I want to press automatically is a Catch Hook that passes a recordID, the record ID that it passes is NOT the recordID of where the button lives, but is the recordID of a related record in another table (Table 1, and specifically, the record that the end-result of the Zap ultimately affects). Once hook is caught, it finds the correct record in Table 1. Once the record is found, the third step in the Zap is update record, which in effect, is just updating the multi-select field of status so that my customer facing Gallery view from table 1 displays the correct status to them. The Zap executes perfectly.

The buttons I went to Auto-press (because there could be a couple hundred of them) are not linked to scripts, just the 3 step, simple Zap.

At the end of the day, I want to control “Table 1” records via buttons in “Table 2”. When Table 2 buttons are pressed, they run a zap to update a multiselect field for its related record in “Table 1” (When I say related, I mean I store Table 1 record IDs in table 2 records as a short text field just so the webhook passes along the data it needs to find the correct “related record”, in table 1, the one the zap does work on. Zap works perfectly, I just dont want to have to press 200 buttons in a row.

Hopefully this anecdote makes my original question more understandable, and as you can likely tell, the overall system is probably not optimal LOL, but still learning the no-code space in general and I’ve gotten at least a little far into it.

Okay - this makes more sense, but you’ll need script [somewhere] to pull this off. Here is an approach that would help you prototype and test the idea of a way to “click” 200 buttons …

  1. Create a script block that opens the table where the Zapier Catch Hooks exist.
  2. Read each record that you want to “click”; I assume all the data necessary to call the catch hook is there.
  3. Call the Catch Hook from the script block passing to it the same values it would ordinarily pass if manually clicked.
  4. Bob’s your uncle.