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Output table with images/button

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Has anyone managed to able to give any hints on how to write a script to display a table contents as a table, along with images? Is there any way to include a a button or another interactive element to allow users to pick a certain record from the output-generated list, and process the record the user has picked further in the record, i.e. to create an entry on another linked table ?

As a workaround, i added a button which calls a script that does links the record to a linked table, into a view that i am displaying with the list records app - but when hitting this button, it first opens the record in an expanded view, from where i have to hit the button again, then it triggers the scripting module, hence closing the List-View App, and doesn’t return to the it any more.
Meaning that the user has 3 windows popping up, clicks the button twice and ends up somewhere else than he/she has started.

Running the whole operation (displaying the table plus triggering the interaction) from the same script would be great, but am not sure of the way it could render images and a interactive element in the table. Possible at all…??!

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Fully possible with script in Custom Apps using the Blocks SDK.

Hi @Bill.French Good to know… :grinning:
Is there any

  1. any amazingly helpful examples for rendering such a table that you could maybe help me with? I have been looking but maybe in the wrong places, I have the rest of the code ‘around it’ working but haven’t found anything to get me started on the table and
  2. what are the limitations of that, do you reckon it should render a table with a few hundred records nicely?